Septic Maintenance

Clay’s Septic & Jetting, Inc. is committed to responding to all your septic needs quickly with a dedicated team of courteous and knowledgeable specialists.  Clay’s Septic & Jetting, Inc. is your professional, courteous and affordable solution.

Why do I need a maintenance program for my septic system?

  • Peace of mind:  You never have to give your septic system a thought again!
  • Increasing prices:  Disposal fees continue to rise.  You are locking in at current pricing.
  • Regulations:  Programs like this one are becoming mandatory by state and local authorities more often and all across the country.
  • Health Care:  When you system fails to operate effectively, property damage, groundwater and surface water pollution and disease outbreaks can occur.  Typical pollutants in household wastewater are nitrogen, phosphorus, and disease causing bacteria and viruses.  If your septic system is working properly, it will effectively remove most of these pollutants.


To qualify for a Worry-Free Septic Maintenance Agreementsm

  • System must have been pumped within the last 6 months by us.
  • Determined to be in good working condition.
  • System must have risers to the surface (or within 6” of the surface) with bolt down lids.
  • Contract runs for 6 years to lock in current pricing.
  • Credit card method for monthly auto payments.


What a Worry-Free Septic Maintenance Agreementsm will do for you?

  • We will inspect your system every year and provide a report on how the system is operating.
  • Determine the thickness of solids & sludge in the septic tank.
  • Check the baffle wall.
  • Clean the effluent filter.
  • We will pump your tank every 3 years.
  • Sell or refinance your home?  We will provide an inspection of your septic system at no cost to you.


What a Worry-Free Septic Maintenance Agreementsm will not cover?

  • Will not warranty your drain (leach) field.
  • Will not warranty your septic tank.


The industry standard is to pump every 3-5 years.  It varies, it is different for everyone.  We will help you determine how often you need to pump.  Lifestyle and size of family will help us determine how often you should pump.


This Is Why You Need To Pump