What we do

We are a licensed service provider with the State of California and with the counties of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. We provide a reliable, honest and safe service. Our service technicians arrive at your door clean, courteous and uniformed. Each technician is equipped with the knowledge, experience and modern equipment necessary to solve your problems.  All of our staff members are national certified inspectors by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians.

Clay’s Septic & Jetting, Inc. takes special pride in our work and always keep our customers’ interest in mind.  We determine the right solution for your problem.  We don’t just replace, we try to repair first. You want the premier pumping company to help you with all of your non-hazardous liquid wastes needs, whether you’re looking for septic tank service, grease interceptor pumping, winery waste or residential and commercial sewer lines.

We have been in business since 1987 and have thousands of maps showing where the systems are located that we have serviced. All of our maps have been stored electronically and we can search for your address in a matter of seconds.  Call us and find out if we have been to your property in the past.

There are 3 choices when fixing a septic system:

  1. The least expensive option is to modify your lifestyle to fit how your system works.
  2. We do minor repairs to get the most out of your current system
  3. The most expensive option is to make major repairs to your system.  With proper maintenance it will last you a lifetime.


Our Staff

The staff at Clay’s Septic & Jetting has over 100 years of combined experience serving residential and commercial septic systems. We understand that most people don’t really understand their system, what it does and how it works. That means they are less likely to be aware if it begins to malfunction, when a problem could be more readily diagnosed and fixed. After a certain period of improper operation, a septic system will ultimately fail completely, and at that point, the owner is in for a huge replacement bill.

We enjoy helping you understand your septic system and how it works. We like to be proactive in helping people understand the importance of maintaining the health of their septic system. So, with each service, we like to share our knowledge by informing customer about how their system is currently working and how to prevent problems down the road. That is why, with each pumping, we do a complete inspection of the entire septic system; the mainline, the septic tank and the leach field. We pump your tank completely empty and inspect the septic tank. We have you flush toilets to ensure that the main sewer line is clear and flowing properly. We also run a short performance test on your leach field to determine if it is working properly. And when we are finished thoroughly checking out your septic system, you will receive a full report with how your septic system is working, any repairs that are necessary to get your system back to working properly, and a map with GPS coordinates of where your tank is located.

If you already know your system need routine maintenance or even some minor repairs, give us a call or send an email to schedule a Clay’s Septic & Jetting visit.

Schedule your residential pumping today by sending an email to: scheduling@clays-septic.com

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